Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feel Like a Wallflower? Maybe It’s Your Facebook Wall

New York Times

Liberals, Conservatives May Have Different Brain Structures

Researchers find divergence in neurological areas linked to openness, anxiety.
HealthDay News

How to Get a Real Education

Forget art history and calculus. Most students need to learn how to run a business, says Scott Adams.
Wall Street Journal

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 10 – 24, 2011 National Library Week (Free Resources from Gale)

Come back beginning Sunday, April 10, to register for access to a great selection of Gale resources below during National Library Week.

Government shutdown 101: What would a shutdown mean for you?

If the budget impasse causes the government to shut down after Friday, many ordinary Americans would feel it. Some services deemed 'essential,' though, would continue amid a government shutdown.
By Mark Trumbull
Christian Science Monitor

Virginia Sesquicentennial of The Civil War

Commonwealth of Virginia

April 22 Earth Day

Dental Basics: Interactive Animation

American Dental Association

Thursday, April 7, 2011

George Tooker

New York Times

Have we outsourced sexual harassment?

As Western companies increasingly turn to Indian labor, they must be willing to acknowledge and confront widespread sexual harassment of female employees in India.
By Brandi Moore
Christian Science Monitor

UW gives us what we asked for

For decades now we've heard the demand that government needs to be more like business. Can't it be more self-sufficient, more attuned to the bottom line? Well, yes it can. This is what it looks like.
Danny Westneat
Seattle Times

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The beatings will continue until teacher morale improves

Teachers are facing unrivaled criticism from all sides. The education reform movement has targeted them as the culprits behind failing schools. This culture of disrespect, little support, and unrelenting demands takes a toll on teachers – and on our students.
By Walt Gardner
Christian Science Monitor

Once a Great Flop, Now Sold for Billions

New York Times

The Sleepless Elite

Why Some People Can Run on Little Sleep and Get So Much Done

Wall Street Journal

The Little Robot Made to Clean the Icky Spots

By Katherine Boehret
Wall Street Journal